CPIM-BJP conflict over setting up of election office in Ward no-18

Siliguri, 04th January: Sensation prevailed after a dispute broke out between CPIM and BJP workers over setting up of election office in Ward no-18.

It has been learned that CPIM, before every election, sets up an election office in the Shravannagar area of ​​Ward No. 18. During the construction of the election office today, some BJP workers allegedly obstructed their work. Following this, a quarrel broke out between the two parties. Upon receiving the news, the Siliguri police reached the spot and have started an investigation into the whole incident.

In this regard, CPIM activist Santosh Sahani said, “At the time of voting, we have an election office in this area. Like every year, the work of setting up an office commenced this time too. However, some BJP goons arrived and threatened us to stop the work.”

On the other hand, BJP activist Biswajit Saha said that an appeal was made to use the place for other work in the locality instead of party work. Following this, the conflict arose.

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