COVID-19 Pandemic: Siliguri Regulated Market to be shut down for 7 days

Siliguri, 15th June: In light of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the district, the Siliguri Regulated Market, starting today, has been shut down for 07 days as a containment measure. While the fish market was closed down a few days ago, the vegetable and fruit markets have also been shut down from today as per the administrative instructions. Such an initiative has been taken since several COVID-19 positive cases have been linked with the city’s Regulated Market.

Unlike other days, the scenario inside the Regulated Market was completely different since this morning. No crowds were spotted and all shops were closed. Although some vehicles carrying fishes and fruits arrived today, they were not allowed to enter the market premises. The vehicles were parked outside following which the commodities were unloaded and then transported to various markets of the city.

As per the information, apart from the central team, the SDO as well as the police officials inspected the market earlier and discovered that social distance and safety measures were not being followed inside the market as per the protocols. After some people from the aforementioned area tested COVID-19 positive, the Darjeeling District Administration issued instructions to shut down the market immediately.

The market will be reopened only after holding discussions with the committee regarding the implementation of safety measures to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

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