COVID-19 in Siliguri: New guidelines to be implemented in the market, DM took stock of the situation

Siliguri, 13th June: In light of the increasing COVID-19 cases in the Siliguri Municipal Corporation area, the district administration has decided to strictly implement crowd control and safety protocols in various markets.

A team under the leadership of Sub-Divisional Officer and Municipal Commissioners is scheduled to meet the market committees to implement government guidelines in various markets of the city.

Darjeeling District Magistrate S. Ponnambalam, early Saturday, visited several markets of Siliguri. After taking stock of the Bidhan Market and Khalpara Market, the DM held a meeting with the traders’ committees. He directed the vendors to maintain social distance in their shop and turn customers away if they are not wearing a face covering.

After a meeting with the Bidhan Market Vyavasayi Samithi, the DM stated that a new committee, formed to monitor various markets in Siliguri, will issue guidelines which will be mandatory for all vendors to follow. The DM further added that the market committees can also designate volunteers, who will keep an eye on buyers and the vendors. Legal actions will be taken against any individual who fails to follow the protocols, the DM added.

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