COVID-19 impact: No crowds spotted in Siliguri’s sweet shops on Jamai Sashti

Siliguri, 28th May: Food and celebration are the two favorites of Bengalis. Jamai Sashti brings both of them together. It is the day dedicated to all the sons-in-law that are celebrated overwhelmingly in West Bengal. On this auspicious day, all Bengali mother-in-laws prepare a feast for their son-in-law.

However, the nation-wide lockdown imposed this year in view of the coronavirus outbreak has spoiled the Jamai Sashti celebrations of all the Bengalis. Several men were also unable to travel to their in-laws’ house due to the ongoing lockdown. However, in order to keep the celebrations intact, several people in Siliguri were spotted buying sweets and curd.

In this context, the sweet sellers stated that unlike every year, the sweet market is facing deep losses even on the auspicious occasion of Jamai Sashti as the lockdown has made a huge economical impact on every single person.

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