COVID-19 impact: Handful of customers spotted at the fish markets on the occasion of Jamai Sashti

Siliguri, 28th May: Jamai Sashti is the day dedicated to all the sons-in-law that are celebrated overwhelmingly in West Bengal. On this auspicious day, all kinds of delicacies are prepared by a mother-in-law for her son-in-law and a variety of fishes namely Hilsa and prawns are likely the star of the menu.

However, the nation-wide lockdown imposed this year in view of the coronavirus outbreak has made a huge economical impact on every single person. Many were unable to travel to their in-laws’ house due to the ongoing lockdown and unlike every year, very few people were spotted buying fishes in the fish markets.

In this context, the fish sellers stated that every year during this time, there is a hike in the price of fish. However, the price of fish has not increased much this year keeping in mind the financial condition of the people. They further stated that even though a variety of fishes are available in the market, only a handful of customers turned up at the shops.

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