Coronavirus pandemic: State Tourism Minister Goutam Deb holds a meeting with IMA

Siliguri, 23rd March: The State Tourism Minister Goutam Deb held an emergency meeting with the members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), today. Several decisions have been taken on behalf of the association to prevent the coronavirus outbreak in Siliguri.

1. General public have been suggested to stay at home

2. Do not rush to the doctors except for emergencies.

3. Only one member from the family should accompany one patient to the medical centers

4. Ado not travel to other districts for treatment.

5. Avoid crowds and maintain social distancing

On the other hand, Minister Goutam Deb stated that in this regard, he already held a discussion with the Health Officer of the Medical College-Hospital and Chairman of the Patient Welfare Association. He further stated that he would hold a discussion with the District Magistrate (DM) of Darjeeling, Chief Medical officer of Health (CMOH) Darjeeling and Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya.

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