Coronavirus in Bengal: Crowds of people sighted in Siliguri’s markets ahead of lockdown

Siliguri, 23rd March: State Government announced a lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The people have been requested to stay at home. The lockdown has been announced from 23rd March 5 pm to 27 March 12 am. However, drinking water facilities, banks, telephones, internet, food items, vegetables, hospitals, medical centers, drug stores, ration shops, and electricity services will be open during this period.

However, due to the terror, most of the people have gathered in the shops to store the necessary items in their houses. A trader in Darjeeling stated that handling the crowd has become a problem during this period. Even when there are enough food items available and are being sold at a reasonable rate.

Meanwhile, Councillor Nantu Pal in Siliguri, stated that he is monitoring the prices of the goods. A fish trader, Dharmendra, stated that the demand for the fishes is low.

Meanwhile, in Jalpaiguri, the customers alleged that the prices of vegetables in the markets are skyrocketing due to the lockdown. A huge crowd was sighted at the Dinbazar in Jalpaiguri, since morning. The people are facing problems due to the rise in the price of all goods.

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