Congress demonstrators clash with police during campaign in front of Siliguri Municipal Corporation

Siliguri, 04th August: The West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee conducted a campaign in front of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) premises, highlighting a multitude of demands. In connection with this event, law enforcement intervened by halting the procession prior to its entry into the Corporation’s office, following a clash between the demonstrators and the police.

As per reports, the Pradesh Congress workers initiated their procession from Baghajatin Park in Siliguri on Friday, denouncing the perceived failure of SMC in delivering essential services. The procession’s advancement toward the Corporation’s office was curtailed by police stationed in the vicinity. Subsequently, an altercation unfolded between the police personnel and the Congress workers. This confrontation led the workers to forcibly open the main gate of the office and gain entry.

Following these events, Ward Councilor Sujay Ghatak intervened, leading a delegation of six members who presented a memorandum outlining a comprehensive list of nine demands to Municipal Commissioner Sonam Wangdi Bhutia. Addressing the matter, Councilor Sujay Ghatak, also a Congress Councilor within the Siliguri town board, asserted that the committee had convened on this day to address numerous concerns. He further warned that if these issues remained unresolved, the committee would reconvene in the future, bringing together representatives from all 47 wards to once again gather outside the Corporation’s office.

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