Closure of 40 Shishu Shramik Schools of South Dinajpur district rises tension among the teaching staffs

Gangarampur/South Dinajpur, 04th January: 40 Shishu Shramik Schools of South Dinajpur district under the central government were closed. Protesting against it, the teachers and employees of the schools today staged a sit-in protest on the road with their families. Many people accused the move to be a conspiracy to completely shut down the schools.
According to sources, the said schools were built 22 years ago in the South Dinajpur district for the children who were the victims of child labor. These schools under the central government are run by NGOs. There are a total of 160 permanent and temporary teachers in each of the schools. There are also 14 other employees working as a vocational instructor.

These schools have more than 1,800 students. Children who work in factories and various shops to earn their living are rescued and taught in the said schools. The government offers a scholarship of Rs 400 a month to the students so that they take an interest in studying. The central government has allocated money for this project, but on 31 December 2019, teachers and staff were informed that the schools were being closed for a few months.

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