CITU performed silent demonstration by tying black cloth on the face against the growing crimes in Siliguri

Siliguri, 21st December: The constant rise in criminal activities in Siliguri has been raising concerns among people. One after another cases of murder, theft, snatching and unlawful activities have been reported across the city. 


In protest to the said matter, the Darjeeling district CITU organized a rally today. They observed a silent protest by tying black cloth on the face. Members of Darjeeling District CITU commenced the protest from Hashmi Chowk in Siliguri today with placards in their hands alleging deterioration of the law and order situation. Furthermore, they expressed anger against the police administration for the crime occurring one after the other in the city. 


On behalf of the organization, Bimal Paul said that due to the deteriorating law and order situation in the city, incidents like murder and dacoity are in constant surge these days. He further stated that the general public is struggling in the absence of insecurity which led them to join the silent protest today. He further warned to launch a massive agitation if the administration does not take any stern action.

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