Chicken farming empowers Rajganj’s Rafiqul

Rajganj, 17th November: Rafiqul Mohammad, a resident of Fulbari’s Kalangini, has found an alternative solution to earn a living after facing the alarming impact of COVID-19 lockdown. From a car driver, he now is a Kuroiler chicken farmer.

In a conversation with Siliguri Times, Rafiqul stated that he worked as a passenger car driver. However, he was hit by financial crisis after the lockdown was imposed across the country in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. With no source of income, he was left helpless, and eventually, started Kuroiler farming.

According to Rafiqul, the chickens are available at a price of 40-45 rupees each. Then, they need to be looked after for a month and a half before being sold. He is hopeful that his new business will flourish soon and help him earn good profits.

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