Change for Mirik: GJM leader Anit Thapa addresses mega-meeting in Mirik

Mirik, 11th April: Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) Binay faction, leader Anit Thapa addressed the mega rally, under the theme “Change for Mirik”. Thapa along with his supporters and party activists marched from Mirik Bazar and later addressed a public meeting.

It is to be noted, Chairmen of 13 Development Boards, Ex-Service Organization, various organizations of Mirik and party supporters, activists were present during the meeting. 

GJM, Binay faction leader, Anit Thapa while addressing the meeting said that Mirik’s political leaders are supporting the one who once burnt down their houses, for their selfish need but he cannot forgive them.

Let’s take a glance at what Anit Thapa said in today’s public meeting:

1. I felt like the people of Mirik could not speak even though they wanted to. I have opened the suppressed voice of Mirik with the slogan of ‘Change for Mirik’. I have come as the voice of Mirik; I have come as your heartbeat;

2. Today’s historic unity meeting is a big slap on the face of the leaders who divided the Gorkhas into castes and sub-communities rather than bringing them all together as one.

3. May our unity always remain. Today’s great achievement is that all the Gorkhas are standing on one platform. It was difficult to bring together all the development boards. But today I have been able to bring representatives of all castes on one platform. I thank them very much. With this, I have dismissed the illusion that Gorkha is broken.

4. The glory of Mirik, Mirik Lake, the tourism is slowly deteriorating. If the people of Mirik wants the glory to return, all must come together.

5. The Thurbu Tea Estate has set up a tea stall in front of the Mirik Lake area, however, no one can enter the premises. I urge the tea estate to open the gate, or else I myself will open it.

6. The current leaders of Mirik have shaken hands with the ones who burnt the hills. They worry more about the chair rather than the welfare of the people.

7. It is hard to do good, but I will not give up. I want to bring a change in people’s thinking. I want to make Mirik ‘ drug-free’. The reason why tourism here has deteriorated here so much is that the young generations are into drugs.

8. The leaders are trying to destroy Mirik. People of Mirik should not be afraid of mere threats. I have come as your voice of Mirik.

9. Mirik Lake has more pollution than water. If the people of Mirik are still not conscious, they may regret it later. 

10. Just believe in Anit Thapa once. I’m not greedy for any chair. I am only concerned about the unemployment in the Hills, the fading majesty of the hills. He appealed to people to believe him. I am a person who stood against the ideology of Bimal Gurung. 

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