Case Update: Land-trader Vidyut Saha’s uncle and two cousins were arrested for the shoot-out 

Siliguri, 22nd August: Siliguri’s recent shootout incident of land businessman Vidyut Saha’s own family members’ names has come to the light. Due to the land dispute, the cousins and the uncle of the injured Vidyut Saha hired a contract killer to murder him. The Ashighar Police Outpost have arrested three alleged accused who have been identified as Sunil Saha (uncle), his elder son Bappa Saha, and younger son Chhotan Saha.  

Reportedly, the incident occurred over a land dispute between them. There had been a fight between Bappa Saha and the injured Vidyut Saha over an old land for a very long time. With time, the estrangement between the cousins increased so much that the cousins decided to get rid of him for good. Thus, Sunil Saha and his two sons Bappa and Chhotan planned a conspiracy to murder their own cousin. 

On the night of Independence Day, they hired contract killers to shoot Vidyut and thus bullet was fired at the land trader seriously injuring him. Vidyut Saha is currently admitted and is getting treated at a private hospital in Sevoke Road. The police were also conducting campaigns and raiding places to places to nab the contract killers but were unsuccessful to catch them. After this, the police found a link of dispute in the family itself and suspecting conspiracy interrogated Vidyut Saha’s uncle Sunil Saha and his two sons Bappa Saha and Chotan Saha in custody. After interrogation, the suspicion of the police got even stronger. Thus, the police arrested the father and sons on charges of shooting the land trader Vidyut Saha. 

The police of Ashighar outpost produced all three in the Jalpaiguri court and demanded a remand of the three accused for investigation of the case. The court has directed to keep the three accused on police remand for 08 days. Police are investigating the whole incident.

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