Candle rally held in Siliguri demanding punishment for culprits involved in poisoning of puppies

Siliguri, 30th November: Allegations of poisoning 14 puppies to death were raised in Siliguri. However, after five days of the incident, the culprits are still at large. Following the incident a protest rally was held in Siliguri.

According to reports, on Thursday, a candle rally was organized under the initiative of VoiceUp Siliguri, to protest against the distressing incident. The rally commenced from Baghajatin Park in Siliguri and circumambulated various areas of the city. The rally demanded strict punishment for the culprits. During the rally, slogans of “We Want Justice”, were raised.

It has to be noted that, last Saturday night, about 14 puppies were allegedly poisoned to death in the area adjacent to Rana Basti under Ward No. 18 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation. Subsequently, the local residents and various animal welfare organizations in the city expressed their outrage and demanded immediate punishment of the culprits.

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