Bomb recovered from a pond in Dinhata of Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, 21st November: Sensation prevailed after an unexploded bomb was found in a roadside lake located in the Navni village of Gitaldaha Gram Panchayat-II of Dinhata Block No.1 in Cooch Behar.

As per reports, on Tuesday morning, the locals spotted the bomb in the pond located in the said area. Subsequently, the Dinhata police station was informed of the incident. Upon receiving the information, the police promptly arrived at the scene and recovered the bomb.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the bomb was situated in that particular location a few days prior. As a result, the explosive may have been placed in the location a few days ago making it inactive after being drenched in water. However, the bomb was removed considering the safety of the locals in the vicinity. At present, the police are investigating the origin of the bomb and its placement in that area.

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