Body of a 19-year old girl found hanging in Manikchak, family accuses lover of murder

Malda, 29th July: Sensation prevailed after the body of a 19-year old girl was found hanging from a mango tree at the Haripur area in Manikchak’s Najirpur, on Wednesday. The deceased has been identified as Kaveri Mandal, a resident of the aforementioned area.

The deceased’s family members accused Kaveri’s lover Amit Mandal of killing her and then hanging her from a mango tree to present it as a case of suicide.

They alleged that although they had accepted their love affair, Amit’s parents did not approve of her. Despite frequently stopping her from stepping out of the house, Kaveri, on Tuesday, went out to celebrate her birthday along with her friends. However, she did not return home that night. Her family assumed that she must have
been at her aunt’s house the entire night.

An atmosphere of tension engulfed the area after the locals sighted her body hanging from a mango tree on Wednesday morning. They assume that Amit and Kaveri must have married each other that night since vermilion was spotted on her forehead.

Meanwhile, the suspect Amit has been absconding since the incident. The Manikchak police have launched an investigation into the whole incident.

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