Boat drivers of ‘Nauka Vihar’ distressed with decrease of tourists for boating in Gajoldoba

Gajoldoba, 16th December: The boat drivers are distressed by a significant decrease in tourists for boating in Gajoldoba. Notably, “Nauka Vihar” in ‘Bhorer Alo’ of Gajoldoba in Rajganj Block is one of the major tourist attractions. However, for several months tourists that arrived at Gajoldoba took less interest in boating.

Notably, due to the occurrence of a natural calamity in Sikkim, the water level of the Teesta River had risen in Gajoldoba. In addition, a large quantity of mud debris accumulated in the river, and the location where the boats were parked was also damaged.

Speaking in this regard, boat drivers Ratan Sarkar and Sukant Biswas expressed that tourists are arriving, but refused to board the boats. They added that, a few months ago due to the natural Sikkim disaster, increase in water level and muddy water, and the tourists avoided boating. Furthermore, they stated that the movement of migratory birds has also reduced. The prevailing circumstances have made it difficult for the boaters to earn. The boat drivers further stated that it would be convenient if the government initiated the removal of the accumulated soil and made proper arrangements for boating.

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