Board meeting of SMC heated up regarding expenses of volleyball tournament 

Siliguri, 30th January: The first board meeting of the year in the Municipal Corporation began today at the scheduled time. The councillors present at the beginning of the meeting raised various issues. Meanwhile, TMC councillor Ranjan Sheel Sharma questioned the mayor about the expenditure incurred on organizing the volleyball tournament in the SMC. However, the TMC councillor started arguing with the mayor about the said matter. 

Reportedly, a volleyball tournament has been organized by the Municipal Corporation. An amount of Rs 5 lakh has been allocated for organizing the said tournament. Ranjan Sheel Sharma questioned raising the budget from Rs 5 lakh to 10 lahks. After this, the councillor had a heated discussion with the mayor regarding the matter. However, Mayor Goutam Deb said that the matter would be taken seriously. 

Meanwhile, alleging that no importance is being given to the opposition party and making several allegations against the SMC, the BJP councillors boycotted the board meeting of the SMC. Leader of the Opposition Amit Jain demanded the state issue a white paper. Jain added that despite the SMC being formed a year ago, the opposition has not been able to do any work in the area. No significance is being given to their words in the board meeting. Citing this reason they boycotted the board meeting today and claimed to agitate against the SMC.

On the other hand, Mayor Goutam Deb refused to take the complaints of the opposition. He said whether the BJP councillors will attend the meeting or not, is the decision of their respective party. He further added that the report card will state BJP’s work.

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