Blue Mountain Sex Scandal: Seventh accused arrested in Siliguri

Siliguri, 20th July: The Special Operations Group (SOG) investigating the sex racket at the Blue Mountain Hotel and Resort has apprehended the seventh accused, Saurabh Ghosh, from Jalpaimore. He was arrested last night, and today, the Pradhan Nagar police station filed charges against him for Immoral Trafficking and presented him before the Siliguri court.

The investigation into the matter began on May 24 when the SOG of Siliguri Metropolitan Police and the Pradhan Nagar police revealed illicit prostitution activities camouflaged as parties at the Salbari-based resort. The hotel was allegedly facilitating the services of girls to customers from other states, using parties as a front for their illegal operations.

Several arrests have been made in connection with the case. Three customers from Bihar, identified as Vinit Goutam (31), Abhishek Goutam (22), and Iqbal Ahmed Hasmi (46), along with Raju Sarkar (38) from Jhankar More, Siliguri, were apprehended earlier. Raju Sarkar was accused of arranging their stay and providing liquor and refreshments in exchange for money. Additionally, a girl was rescued during the operation.

Further interrogations of the initial four suspects led the police to discover the involvement of Sandeep Konde, also known as Sandy, who was subsequently arrested on June 15 as the fifth accused. Later, on July 18, the sixth accused, a teacher named Nima Lama, was apprehended near the Vega Circle Shopping Mall under Bhaktinagar police station.

On Wednesday night, the SOG made the latest arrest of Saurabh Ghosh, the seventh accused, believed to be a resident of Fulbari. It has been revealed that Ghosh was previously arrested five years ago in the vicinity of the junction by the police of DD and Pradhan Nagar police station. He was released on bail shortly after his previous arrest.


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