Blood-stained sack found along the roadside forest in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, 07th September: Sensation prevailed after a sealed blood-stained sack was found amidst the roadside bushes in Cooch Behar.

As per reports, on Thursday morning, the locals spotted the mysteriously placed bag in the forest near the Torsha River dam in Harinchaowra adjacent to Cooch Behar City. The mystery behind the unclaimed bag and the prevailing pungent smell and flies hovering around attracted a large confused crowd in the location.

Subsequently, the matter was informed to the police. Upon receiving the news, police arrived at the spot, uncovered the mysterious sack, and found a dead broiler chicken. It was suspected that a certain individual may have dumped the bag containing the lifeless bird and fled from the scene. Later, the bag was removed from the area for proper disposal in an assigned location.

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