BJP staged protest rally in Siliguri against ration corruption

Siliguri, 01st November: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) staged a protest against ration corruption across the state. The protestors took to the streets of Siliguri and demanded the arrest of the individuals involved in the corruption. The rally was attended by Siliguri MLA Shankar Ghosh, BJP Siliguri Organizational District President Arun Mandal, Ward Councilors Anita Mahato, and Vivek Singh with other BJP leaders.

According to reports, on Wednesday afternoon, a protest rally was taken out from Hashmi Chowk (Venus More) with rice sacks around the necks, carrying paddy plants and raising the slogan of “Chor Dhoro Jailay Bhoro”.

Speaking in this regard, MLA Shankar Ghosh stated that ‘Lalu’ was apprehended for stealing animal fodder, and ‘Balu’ has been apprehended for allegedly stealing the food of the people of Bengal. He added that there are several others who are involved in the ration corruption. Further, he demanded their immediate arrest.

Meanwhile, BJP’s Siliguri Organizational District President Arun Mandal stated that BJP has staged a protest demonstration against ration corruption across the state. Further, he claimed that Jyotipriya Mallick is not a mastermind and that those above him in the scam should be exposed.

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