BJP pulls up road blockade over frequent accidents on Siliguri’s Eastern Bypass

Siliguri, 25th February: On Sunday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) erected a road blockade on Siliguri’s Eastern Bypass and questioned the role played by the police concerning the frequent accidents and road mishaps.

According to reports, BJP MLA of the Dabgram-Fulbari Assembly Shikha Chatterjee led a road blockade at the Baneswar More area of the Eastern Bypass. In this regard, the protestors alleged that the main reason leading to the frequent accidents was due to the absence of street lights in the area. The lights were removed by the SJDA for the renovation work of the roadway. However, despite the completion of the work, the street lights were not reinstalled in the area.

In this regard, MLA Shikha Chatterjee asserted that several accidents have recently occurred in the area and even led to the death of a youth. Subsequently, she demanded the provision of street lights as well as police patrolling for the sake of road safety.

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