BJP is the only party that has the vision, mission and passion to transform Siliguri: Raju Bista

Darjeeling, 12th January: Darjeeling MP Raju Bista visited various parts of Siliguri today and was infuriated at the general state of disorder and lack of facilities for the citizens.

"Almost every ward is covered in garbage, the waste management system is non-functional, health and hygiene measures are non-existent. In many wards sewage waste is draining directly into the drinking water source, causing various illnesses, putting the lives of our children at risk. There is no drainage system, leading to increasing cases of malaria, dengue, encephalitis, and other viral diseases in the city. All the rivers flowing through Siliguri are polluted, and the TMC government has not taken a single step to clean the rivers or restore their health," Bista wrote in a press release.

He accused SMC of not being able to provide sporting facilities, cultural activities, and youth development programs. Under TMC, CPIM, and Congress there have been zero efforts at revitalizing the city or generating employment opportunities for the youths. The entire city is choking due to heavy traffic, accompanied by smaller roads, lack of parking facilities, and zero effort on the part of SMC to design and develop the city.

"Basic facilities such as provisioning of public utilities, toilets, drinking water facilities are missing. There is no effort to provide recreation facilities for the residents, existing parks and public spaces are being encroached upon by the land mafia, who are hand in gloves with the TMC leaders. Human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, illegal bars, gambling dens, and other criminal enterprises are increasing across various parts of the city, due to patronage provided to criminals by those in power," he added.

Bista further stated that Siliguri carries immense potential for development, and the development of Siliguri city will ensure economic prosperity for the entire North Bengal region. BJP is the only party that has the vision, mission, and passion to transform Siliguri and make it the engine of growth for the entire North Bengal region.

He appealed to the people to vote for BJP in the upcoming elections so that together all can transform Siliguri city into one of the best in India.

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