BJP demonstrates by lighting lamps and garlanding Triphala light poles which are currently closed in Siliguri

Siliguri, 05th December: In Siliguri today, BJP MLA Shankar Ghosh protested on behalf of BJP 03rd Mandal against Triphala Light corruption in a unique way. MLA Shankar Ghosh protested today by garlanding and lighting a lamp at the long-closed Triphala light pole at the Bidhan Market. 

During this, MLA Shankar Ghosh alleged a scam of Rs 200 crore in the name of Triphala Light. The then SJDA CEO Kiran Kumar Godala was arrested by the Police Commissioner Jayaraman. After this, the state government removed him from the post.

The scam has resulted in Triphala lights in Siliguri city being switched off. MLA Shankar Ghosh lashed out at the state government and the SMC and said that at the time of the elections people were told that the state government would bring development. But at present, the work of the state government has run out and nothing productive has resulted. He further alleged the state government of not working.

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