Bidhan Market Vyavasayee Samiti camp to tackle traffic menace in the market

Siliguri, 04th January: For a long time now, traders have been illegally occupying the streets of Bidhan Market and setting up dozens of makeshift structures outside shops, causing chaos in the market. Despite carrying out several operations in the past, no specific solution to this problem was figured out.

While the encroachment causes major inconvenience for the pedestrians and shoppers, major traffic congestion is witnessed every day in the area. Hence, a special operation was launched today on behalf of the Bidhan Market Vyavasayee Samiti to tackle the menace.

Bapi Saha, president of the association, said that although the hawkers were earlier asked not to occupy the roads, no response was received from them. As a result, the association took upon themselves and launched a campaign today. All goods were removed from both sides of the road during the campaign.

Trader Arup Nandi said that the initiative taken by the Vyavasayee Samiti is commendable as it will help reduce traffic congestion.

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