Bharatiya Rajbangshi organization hold meeting demanding compensation for landowners of Fulbari

Rajganj, 09th December: The Bharatiya Rajbangshi organization held a meeting at Fulbari Pather Sathi on Thursday to demand compensation for the landlords of the East-West Highway.

It has been learned that the construction work of highways in several places has been suspended due to land disputes. Although the land dispute in Dhupguri and Mainaguri areas has been cleared recently, the case is still pending in the court regarding the land in the Fulbari area of Rajganj. As a result, work on about three kilometres of road from Jatiyakali More to Fulbari Barrage has come to a standstill.

Ramesh Barman, president of the Bharatiya Rajbangshi organization, said that many zamindars have not yet received compensation. The number of affected families in the Fulbari area of Rajganj is even higher. They warned of staging larger demonstrations if immediate compensation is not provided.

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