Bhaktinagar police detained several lockdown violators in Siliguri

Siliguri, 11th April: The Bhaktinagar police launched an operation in the Siliguri Haiderpara Bazar area and detained several lockdown violators today.

To avoid gatherings in the market premises, the traders have decided to open the shops from 6 am to 11 am. The police have also started patrolling the market areas.

Although the administration has urged all the citizens to stay indoors, several people are still being sighted on the streets, deliberately ignoring the lockdown in Siliguri. Upon confrontation, the violators often tend to make up excuses. The police therefore launched operations and nabbed few violators and took them to the police station.

The Traders’ association informed that stringent actions will be taken against the lockdown violators. On the other hand, the Haiderpara market area was disinfected today.

One thought on “Bhaktinagar police detained several lockdown violators in Siliguri

  1. M. Bahadur says:

    It’s good that police are doing a wonderful job but it is only within Siliguri what about it’s surrounding areas like Devidanga, kolabari, Uttar and Middle Palash where people are roaming without masks in bikes, labourers are working in construction sites etc.

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