Bhakti Nagar Traffic Guard campaign to control stray cattle menace in the city

Siliguri, 13th January: Stray cattle roaming wandering on city roads poses a serious danger, including accidents and traffic congestion. Free roaming of cattle on the streets is a threat to humans as well as to the animals.

In this context, the Bhakti Nagar Traffic Guard has adopted new measures to control the menace. Reportedly, a paper with the message, "Doya kore apnar Grihopalito goru rastaye chere deben na” (Please do not leave domestic cows on the streets) will be hung around the neck of the cattle on behalf of the traffic police.

The police are hopeful that this step will create awareness among the cattle owners across the city. However, if it fails, strict action will be taken against them.

The new initiative was launched by the Bhaktinagar Traffic Guard at Sevoke Road on Wednesday. All the traffic guards of the city are said to launch such awareness campaigns in the coming days.

In this regard, ADCP Traffic Purnima Sherpa said that such an initiative has been taken to reduce accidents.

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