Bengal Safari Park of Siliguri welcomes a pair of lions from Tripura

Siliguri, 12th February: Siliguri’s Bengal Safari Park has announced the arrival of lions, after a prolonged wait. On Monday, a pair including a lion and a lioness was brought to Bengal Safari Park from Tripura’s Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo. Significantly, visitors can now experience a majestic lion safari at the Bengal Safari Park.

According to reports, both the lions have been brought safely to Bengal Safari in an animal ambulance. The arrival of the lions in the park has sparked a joyous atmosphere across the city. It has been noted that the lions, named Akbar and Sita, were both born in the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo of Tripura. Akbar is a 7-year-old full-grown male while his mate Sita is a 5-year-old lioness. The park management is hopeful of successful breeding to increase the number of lions in the park.

In addition, the number of animals, including tigers, rhinos, elephants as well as lions will also increase resulting in the park’s popularity. Meanwhile, the park management has informed that both the lions have arrived safely in Siliguri and will be kept in an enclosed area. Furthermore, the lions will be revealed to the visitors after they adapt to the new environment.

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