Belakoba Ranger Sanjay Dutta financially assists an ailing patient once again

Rajganj, 16th February: Belakoba Range Officer, Sanjay Dutta, extended a helping hand for the treatment of an underprivileged patient.

Laxman Oraon, a resident of the Pradhan Para village under Shikarpur Gram Panchayat, Rajganj has been bedridden for several months. However, due to his poor financial condition, he had been deprived of proper medical treatment.

Laxman was admitted to the North Bengal Medical College-Hospital where the doctors suggested he seek treatment out of the city. The patient’s wife Savitri started working as a laborer in a tea garden but unfortunately lost the job. Therefore, Laxman sought help from the Belakoba Ranger Sanjay Dutta.

Dutta provided 20 thousand rupees to the family and also provided the traveling expenses to Kolkata for Laxman’s further treatment. Laxman will be leaving for Kolkata on Monday.

The Belakoba Ranger, apart from his valiant works, is often known for helping the needy. Last year too, Dutta provided a sum of 1 lakh rupees for the treatment of a cancer patient in Rajganj.

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