Belakoba Ranger Sanjay Dutta extends helping hand towards a needy family of Siliguri

Rajganj, 26th January: Belakoba Range Officer Sanjay Dutta extended a helping hand towards a needy family of Siliguri Tikia Para.

As per the information, Maman Biswas’s mother Mina Biswas died a few days ago of tuberculosis. At present, she lives with her father Niranjan Biswas and grandmother Man Mohini Biswas in a small house beside the railway track in Siliguri Ward No. 28.

Apparently, Maman is getting married on February 02. Amid the ongoing pandemic, the needy family was struggling to make ends meet. With no other option, they sought help from the Ranger, who immediately provided food expenses of 100 people, a steel bed and blanket to the family.

“I am very happy for getting the opportunity to help them. I will stand by the helpless people in the coming days too,” Ranger Sanjay Dutta stated.

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