Belakoba Range Officer Sanjay Dutta and forest workers provide Rs. 1 lakh to a youth battling with cancer

Rajganj, 12th January: Belakoba Range Officer Sanjay Dutta has set an example of humanity by providing one lakh rupees for the treatment of a youth named Tarun Roy who is suffering from throat cancer. Reportedly, he is a resident of Panashguri village in Rajganj.
Due to the family’s poor financial condition, Tarun is deprived of proper treatment. Tarun’s father is also bedridden due to illness.
Belakoba Range Officer Sanjay Dutta stated that keeping in mind the financial crisis of Tarun’s family, one lakh rupees has been collected jointly from Panashguri Joint Forest Committee and the forest workers and then the amount handed over to Tarun’s family for his treatment.

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