Belakoba forest range personnel seize red pandas and leopard’s skin while being smuggled into Bhutan, three arrested

Rajganj, 17th August: A team of forest personnel led by Ranger Sanjay Dutta of Belakoba arrested three smugglers and seized the skin of two endangered red pandas and a leopard from their possession. 

Reportedly, based on a tip-off on Tuesday afternoon, three smugglers were arrested from the PWD More adjacent to Siliguri. The three alleged smugglers have been identified as Chandra Prakash Chemjong (35), Govind Samba Limbu (25), and Yakpu Sherpa (37) and are said to be residents of Nepal. Along with the smugglers, a bike bearing a Nepal's Number plate has also been confiscated by the officials. 

According to the information, the skins were being smuggled from Nepal to Bhutan. The three alleged accused were produced before the Jalpaiguri court today. The forest department has started an investigation into the whole matter.

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