Bansal Company’s Rungamook Ceder Tea Plantation workers in relief as their due bonuses get cleared

Sonada, October 01st: The workers of Rungamook Ceder Tea Plantation heaved a sigh of relief as their due bonuses have been cleared. The beginning of the new month has come with great news for the workers who were waiting for their dues to be cleared. 

As the Dasain has already approached, the tea workers were left in the lurch after the management of the tea plantation left without giving any prior notice and clearing the payments of the workers. After this, the tea workers along with the labor organizations and party leaders of various political parties were repeatedly pressuring the owners by demanding the puja bonus.

In addition to this, Anit Thapa, chief executive officer of GTA, met with the owners of Bansal Company yesterday and pressurized them to pay the due bonuses to all the workers. After this, Anit Thapa himself released a video saying that the owners agreed. A sigh of relief was brought to the workers of Rungamook Ceder Tea Plantation after the management has deposited bonus money in the accounts of the workers ahead of Dasain. 

On the other hand, the tea workers expressed their gratitude to the Chairperson of Bharatiya Gorkha Prajatantrik Morcha and GTA Chief Executive Officer Anit Thapa, Deputy Chairperson of GTA Assembly, and Regional Assembly Member Rajesh Chauhan.

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