Bangiya Hindu Mahamanch protest demanding arrest of teacher accused of sexually assaulting a minor in Siliguri

Siliguri, 07th February: The Bangiya Hindu Mahamanch staged a demonstration in front of the Siliguri Women’s Police Station demanding the immediate arrest of Mohammad Alam accused of sexually assaulting his minor student.

According to reports, on Monday night, the Women’s Police Station received a report of the sexual assault of the minor. Meanwhile, the accused tutor was undergoing medical care for a nose injury at a nursing home in Sevoke Road.

On Wednesday, the members of the Bangiya Hindu Mahamanch arrived at the Women’s police station and met with the IC. They further demanded the arrest of the accused Mohammad Alam in connection to the case. In addition, the protestors mentioned agitating at the accused teacher’s school as well as the DI’s office while urging the teacher’s suspension.

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