Awareness program held in Siliguri on International Child Labor Prohibition Day

Siliguri, 12th June: In an ongoing battle against child labour, despite numerous governmental measures and the tireless efforts of voluntary organizations, the practice continues to persist in society. Today, on the occasion of International Child Labor Prohibition Day, a significant but lesser-known observance, a program was organized at Hashmi Chowk in collaboration with the Siliguri Woman Police Station of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police and the Child in Need Institute (CINI), a voluntary organization dedicated to addressing child welfare.

The event aimed to raise awareness about the plight of children subjected to child labour and to put an end to the atrocities they face. A street play, performed by children themselves, took center stage, highlighting the urgency of eradicating child labour. The Woman Police Station also emphasized their commitment to combat child labour and urged society to intervene and provide education opportunities for vulnerable children.

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