Auto-driver in Siliguri shows an exemplary example of honesty 

Siliguri, 28th September: There is a saying that there is no religion and faith greater than honesty. In Siliguri, this proverb has been proven by an auto driver whose honesty has restored faith in humanity to a man who lost his bag. The auto driver handed over the passenger’s bag to the traffic police, showing his sincerity.

Reportedly, Pradeep Sherpa, a resident of Darjeeling, had come to Siliguri on Monday for the treatment of his wife. During this, he reached Sevoke More in an auto, but he forgot to take his bag from the auto. After a few minutes, he searched for it but could not find it. After which he went to Darjeeling without his bag.

On Tuesday, he reached the Siliguri police station in search of his lost bag. Upon reaching there he told his entire story to the station in charge. After which the police immediately instructed the traffic police to find the lost bang of Pradeep Sherpa. After this, the team of police along with Pradeep Sherpa reached Sevoke More Traffic Point from where he retrieved his lost bag.

In fact, on the day Pradeep Sherpa’s bag was left in the auto, the auto driver, showing honesty, handed over the bag to Sevoke More traffic point. After getting his possession, Pradeep Sherpa expressed his gratitude to the auto driver and the police at the Siliguri police station.

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