Atmosphere boiled up in Ward no-24 surrounding posters of Nagarik Brinda

Siliguri, 31st January: The atmosphere boiled up in Ward no-24 surrounding posters in the name of Nagarik Brinda, on Monday morning.


It has been learned that posters were spotted at several places in the ward including Debashish Colony, Fuleshwari Fish Market, Underpass, and Tarun Tirtha Math. Through the posters, people have been urged to not vote for any party.

In this regard, BJP MLA Shankar Ghosh said, "An investigation should be carried out on Nagarik Brinda. Politics is being done in this regard."

Trinamool Congress candidate Protul Chakraborty said, "Nothing will happen with such posters. People know that it will not have any effect on the vote."

Tilak Gun, secretary of CPIM's Area Committee No. 3, said, "Politics should not be done in this way. We will not be affected by all this."

Expelled Trinamool leader and independent candidate Bikash Sarkar said, "The ruling party is now under the hold of kidnappers and drug traffickers. Naturally, people do not want them."

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