Arun Ghosh interacts with residents during 'Didir Suraksha Kavach' program, people demand the repair of roads and dilapidated bridge

Siliguri, 16th January: Arun Ghosh, Chairman of Siliguri District Council, launched the 'Didir Suraksha Kavach' program in the Champasari Panchayat area under Siliguri. This morning, Arun Ghosh commenced the campaign in the Dabgram area along with TMC workers. It is said to continue throughout the day today. 

During this, the people of the Dabgram area demanded the repair of the road and bridge. At the same time, elderly women complained about not getting government ration. Arun Ghosh inquired about government schemes from the women as well. 

Ghosh further assured that benefits of the government scheme will be granted to the deprived and the Panchayat Pradhan was assigned with the responsibility for the same. Along with this, he further said that some people have demanded repair of the road and suspension bridge, and adding this he said that he will consider the issues and start the work as soon as possible.

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