Arrested Haryana gang members targeting railway station passengers to undergo Identification Parade

Siliguri, 22nd May: A Test Identification Parade will be conducted for the purpose of identifying six active gang members from Haryana who were arrested at Siliguri Junction railway station on charges of extortion and theft. During the TI Parade, the complainants will visit the jail to identify the accused and identify any stolen goods they may have. This identification process will take place within the confines of the jail. It has been scheduled that after the TI Parade on May 29, the court proceedings for this case will commence in Siliguri court.

The incidents of theft targeting passengers at Siliguri Junction Railway Station have been causing concern for the RPF and GRP policemen in recent days. In response, a joint operation was launched by the RPF and GRP teams. Over the course of the past 10 days, these teams disguised themselves as passengers in order to expose the gang of snatchers and thieves. During their investigation, the CCTV footage revealed individuals closely monitoring passengers disembarking from the Capital Express train. Subsequently, the RPF and GRP teams apprehended this gang.

The news of the arrest of these six accused individuals has been communicated to police authorities at other railway stations across the country. It has been discovered that these criminals have targeted people at various railway stations nationwide, resulting in police departments in multiple locations actively searching for them. Following their presentation in Siliguri court yesterday, the accused have been ordered to be held in judicial custody until the next hearing. Additionally, an instruction has been issued to conduct a Test Identification Parade for the accused individuals.

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