Apparel stores open ignoring lockdown in Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri, 28th July: In light of the skyrocketing number of COVID-19 cases in the city, the administration has decided to extend lockdown for further 05 days starting July 27.

As per the directives, markets and grocery shops will remain open from 7 am-11 am. Besides, all shops and public transport excluding pharmacies will remain non-functional.

However, various clothing stores were open today ignoring the lockdown protocols. Upon questioning the shop owners, they stated that only shutting down clothing stores is not a solution.

“We want a complete lockdown. Although the number of positive cases has increased across the city, huge crowds are spotted every day,” they added.

A similar scenario was also spotted in other market areas. Strict monitoring is said to be kept by the police from further on.

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