Anubrata Mandal to spend his Durga Puja in jail, court rejects his bail plea and orders to keep him in custody

TMC leader Anubrata Mandal, who had been arrested in cow smuggling case, has been again ordered by the court to be sent to jail custody. The next hearing is likely to be held on October 29 due to puja holidays. Thus, this time Anubrata will spend his Durga Puja in Asansol Special Correctional Home (Jail). 

Reportedly, Anubrata Mandal’s lawyer had applied for bail plea in the special CBI court in Asansol on Wednesday. They argued that the main accused in the cow smuggling case has been granted bail and questioned rejection of bail plea of Anubrata Mandal. After this the bail application was made citing the physical condition of Anubrata Mandal. Anubrata’s lawyers also questioned the condition and hygiene of washrooms in the correctional home claiming it to be poor. They also complained about the quality of food given to the TMC leader and cited as the reason for his health deterioration.

CBI counsel, on the other hand, said that a lot of money was transacted through two voluntary organisations and bank. Many colleges have been opened in the name of voluntary organizations. Apart from West Bengal state, they alleged of the same case in other states also. In addition, the CBI re-introduced the dominion theory opposing Anubrata’s bail. They claimed that he can create problems and meddle with the investigation in various ways and influence the case to his favour. The judge on hearing both their sides have rejected the bail plea of Anubrata and ordered to keep him in custody.

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