Anti plastic campaign carried out in Siliguri

Siliguri, 15th September: The officials of Siliguri Municipal Corporation as well as the police officials launched an anti-plastic campaign in the newly set up Bidhan Market inside Siliguri’s Kanchenjunga Stadium today. As part of the campaign, the Municipality authorities recovered a large amount of plastic from various vegetable and fruit shops. Following this, awareness was raised among the traders, and have been strictly prohibited from using plastic carry bags.

Incidentally, the use of these plastic carry bags has been banned in Siliguri for a long time. However, since no campaigns were launched on behalf of SMC for the past few days, the use of plastic bags has commenced in different markets.

Reportedly, such campaigns will continue on behalf of SMC in the coming days. However, there have been repeated calls for the closure of these plastic carry bag factories.

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