Amit Shah's roadshow in Siliguri sees huge turnout; HM takes massive jibe at Mamata Banerjee

Siliguri, 12th April: Home Minister Amit Shah held a roadshow in Siliguri today. The rally commenced around 6 pm from Siliguri's Hashmi Chowk and concluded at Mahatma Gandhi more. 

Thousands of party workers and activists swarmed into the venue to catch a glimpse of the minister. Shah was accompanied by Darjeeling MP Raju Bista, Siliguri assembly BJP candidate Shankar Ghosh, Dabgram-Fulbari assembly BJP candidate Shikha Chatterjee and Matigara-Naxalbari candidate Anandamoy Barman.

At the end of the roadshow, Amit Shah took a jibe at Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee and levelled various allegations against her party. He said that on May 02, Bengal will bid farewell to TMC as the party has not made any developmental works so far and is involved in corruption. He urged all to vote for BJP, this assembly election.

Let's take a glance at what Home Minister Amit Shah said in today's public meeting:

  1. AIIMS, IT park, International Airport, 700 km Subhash Chandra Bose NH connecting Siliguri-Kolkata will only be possible if you bid farewell to 'Didi'.
  2. Free and quality education to all female students from KG to PG will be provided. Our mothers and sisters will be able to travel in buses, trains and metros free of cost.
  3. The Communists and TMC have done injustice to the Rajbanshi, Gorkha communities. Choose 'Lotus' government, we will form SIT and send all the people who are responsible behind bars.
  4. Matua community is not in my head, it's in my heart. 'Didi' not caring to address the issue of her worker calling Scheduled Caste voters "beggars" is very insulting. BJP considers the SC community as our brothers and we will keep them close to our hearts.
  5. 'Didi' is not giving citizenship to the refugees who are living in our lands for over 73 years. She incited everyone to protest against CAA. But all this will come to an end on May 02. As soon as BJP forms the government, we will provide citizenship to all the refugees.
  6. 'Didi', Communist, 'Rahul Baba's' party cannot stop infiltration. They only see them as vote bank. If you bring BJP into power, we will make sure not even a bird will fly into our borders.
  7. The infiltrators are taking away the employment, rations of the poor. But BJP will make sure the rights of the people of Bengal will be restored.
  8. I will make sure on April 17 no 'gunda'-goons will come to the polling booth. Feel free and safe to vote.
  9. Modi ji dreams of making Sonar Bangla. He wants to work for the people of Bengal. But 'Didi' is not letting him do so. You gave 30 years to Congress, 07 years to Left, 10 years to TMC, but did any development take place? Give 5 years to Narendra Modi and we will make Sonar Bangla.
  10. Vote for our three candidates, Shankar Ghosh, Shikha Didi and Anandamoy Barman, if you want 'Bhaipo's goons' syndicate raj, cut money and discrimination to end.

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