Ambari Falakata Public Library remains closed for a long time, residents demand its reopening

Rajganj, 03rd May: Ambari Falakata Public Library, inaugurated in the year 1960, has been closed now for a very long time as a result of which, the large collection of valuable books is now on the verge of destruction. These concerns have been raised by book enthusiasts, students as well as locals. The library has been closed due to the absence of a librarian and staff.

In this regard, Birendranath Sarkar, a local senior citizen, while raising concerns on the issue, said that an educated unemployed youth of the area should be put in charge even if the government has not appointed a librarian at present. This will safeguard the books and also benefit the students. Additionally, another local, Swapan Kumar Sarkar, said that apart from schools, libraries also play a big role in educating society. He further stated that the library should be started immediately which will also benefit the students coming from economically strained families.

Speaking in this regard, Deputy Pradhan, Binnaguri Gram Panchayat, Tushar Kanti Dutta said that the library has been closed for about six months due to the absence of librarian and staff, and the matter has already been reported to the District Librarian through the MLA. He further assured that the library will be started soon.

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