Allegations upheld as student falls sick after consuming mid-day meal at Anganwadi Centre in Siliguri

Siliguri, 01st February: Sensation prevailed after a student fell ill after eating the mid-day meal provided at the Anganwadi Centre located in Siliguri. The incident took place at the Integrated Child Development Services Centre under Ward No. 23 of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

Reportedly, the locals complained that the food served for mid-day meals at the center is being prepared in an unsanitary manner. Consequently, the student fell sick after consuming the food. Additionally, the locals alleged that the school’s headmistress is not tending to her classes regularly even after the scheduled time and the co-workers conduct the classes every day.

On Thursday, the locals demonstrated at the Anganwadi Center and demanded proper services. The protestors asserted that the children are often served meals without proper checking of the quality of food. Further, the children are not provided with proper nutritious meals. Compounding the issue, the institution is not providing adequate educational services.

In this regard, Mayna Debnath, a co-worker of Anganwadi Center stated that she cooks along with teaching the children. She added that most often the food items provided for the mid-day meal are infested with insects when otherwise insects get caught up in the rice when stored. Despite this, the food provided to the children is served with cleanliness.

Meanwhile, upon being contacted regarding the matter, the Darjeeling District Magistrate Preeti Goyal assured looking into the entire affair.

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