Allegation of woman forcibly disrobed and subjected to physical violence sparks investigation in Bagdogra

Siliguri, 24th July: A alarming incident has surfaced from Bagdogra, where a woman has claimed to be forcibly disrobed and subjected to physical violence. It is further claimed that during the village’s Salishi Sabha, called concerning the fight, several men, besides women, were allegedly present during the meeting and reportedly touched the woman inappropriately.

The victim filed a written complaint at the Bagdogra police station on the following Sunday. According to her account, on July 19, she had intervened when her friend got into an argument with another woman regarding an illicit relationship. The next day, a Salishi Sabha was convened in the village, with the Panchayat member in attendance. It was during this gathering that she claims to have been stripped and assaulted.

Upon receiving the complaint, the police initiated an investigation into the matter. Panchayat member Bulbuli Singh, however, denied the occurrence of an assault and stated that there was a confrontation between the involved parties during the Salishi Sabha, but without any acts of violence. As per police sources, both parties involved have filed complaints at the police station. Subhendra Kumar, ADCP of Siliguri Police Commissionerate, affirmed that an investigation has been launched to ascertain the truth behind the incident.

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