All just for money? Ajoy Edwards speaks after 6 HP councillors join Anit Thapa-led BGPM

Kurseong, 24th November: President of ‘Hamro Party’ Ajoy Edwards addressed the journalist on the recent development of change in his party dynamics that has caused a major blow to his party. Reacting to the fact that 6 city councillors from Hamro Party of Darjeeling Municipality have joined the Bharatiya Gorkha Prajatantrik Morcha he said that ‘Hamro Party’ is not a money-oriented party, it stands firm in associating with social work and service for the betterment and development of the people. 

He stated that earlier he had said that councillors and members of Hamro Party who are looking for power and money can head to BGPM and that is exactly what happened.  He further added that now the common people who are also the voters need to understand the wave of politics and the true motives. Such practices in politics have taken place before and history knows that it has not gone well in the hills. He further urged the government to look into the matter. 

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