All India Railway Pensioners Association stages protest in support of various demands

Siliguri, 01st September: All India Railway Pensioners Association, on Tuesday, raised voice against the central government in support of various demands including privatization of railways, repeal of the new pension law, and security in jobs.

As per the report, the organization on Tuesday issued a 7-point memorandum addressing the Prime Minister through the Railway Officer of all railway departments across the country. The memorandum was submitted to the NJP ADRM on behalf of the NJP, Junction, and Siliguri Town Station Branch.

At the beginning of the demonstration, two-minutes of silence were observed in memory of the late former President Pranab Mukherjee who passed away on Monday.

According to the organization, they have been protesting for a long time with various demands including repeal of the new pension law, privatization of railways, and job security. A nationwide movement has once again been called to strengthen their demands. They further warned of staging larger demonstrations if their demands are not met soon by the Centre.

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