Alipurduar court sentenced life imprisonment to man charged with murder

Siliguri, 13th October: The Alipurduar court, on Tuesday, sentenced Meghnath Oraon to life imprisonment for brutally murdering his close relative. Alipurduar Additional Sessions Judge Narendranath Dasgupta made the announcement today.

According to Alipurduar court's public prosecutor Jahar Majumder, the incident took place 5 years ago on July 24, 2015, after a conflict broke out over fetching water.

Allegedly, Somari Oraon, a resident of Patkapara Tea Garden, was visiting her daughter in Dima Tea Garden in Kalchini Block. After a scuffle broke out over fetching water, Somari's daughter’s brother-in-law Meghnath Oraon attacked Somari with an axe. The day after the incident, the accused was arrested by the Kalchini police.

After a long trial, the Alipurduar court announced life sentence of Meghnath Oraon today.

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